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Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) incorporates the two practical areas of Industrial Arts and Home Economics while integrating Computing Technology into all curriculum and integrating Agriculture into Stage 4 Technology. Our TAS faculty is equipped with two large PC computer laboratories, networked with Smart boards and loaded with the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Our students also have access to the latest in 3D Printer Technology.

Technology (Mandatory) is taught in Stage 4 to all students, where they complete different units of work in a class rotation of Technology subjects during Years 7 and 8. Students complete at least one Term in Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Timber Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Digital Technology using computers is integrated into all units.

In Stage 5 (Year 9-10), students choose two electives which they study in depth for 200 hours. All TAS electives provide students with life-long skills and prepare them for the world of work.

Industrial Arts

The Industrial Arts Faculty of Great Lakes College-Forster Campus has a proud tradition of excellence. There are two main reasons for this. The first is the staff who teach the various subjects. Our teachers are experienced in their fields which include Technology (Mandatory), Industrial Technology - Timber / Metal / Engineering and Graphics Technology. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is taught also in Stage 5. Elective courses in Wood Design and Engineering are also offered in Stage 4. Our students' achievements have placed Forster Campus amongst the winners in many competitions and many of our students have gone on to complete senior courses in the HSC, TAFE and University courses with distinction.

The other reason for our tradition of excellence is the Industrial Arts facility itself. Equipped with three spacious woodwork workshops, a metalwork workshop, two Graphics laboratories with Smart boards, large storeroom and machine rooms, it is a great place to work. Originally set up as a Trade Training Centre, our spacious workshops are equipped with some of the latest machines including two CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling Machines, Welders, Plasma Cutters and Lathes. Having this equipment available enables our students to produce projects that most other schools could not even contemplate making. This is very obvious when our Industrial Technology projects are proudly displayed by the students who designed and constructed them.

Home Economics

The Home Economics Faculty of Great Lakes College- Forster Campus is a spacious, well equipped learning area with experienced staff, where students learn skills in Food and Textiles Technology. Students have access to two Textiles laboratories equipped with the latest sewing machines and they are equipped with portable Smartboard technology. The facility is also equipped with two spacious kitchens and Prep room equipped with the latest in Food preparation equipment such as a Thermomix machine.

Elective courses in Café at Home are offered in Stage 4 where students prepare a variety of meals, learn about customer service and food hygiene, providing them with ‘work readiness' skills.

In Stage 5, Food Technology is taught, over the two year course students complete a range of topics including Nutrition, Food for Special Occasions, Food for Special Needs, Food Service and Catering, Food in Australia, Food Trends, Food Equity and Product Development. The skills acquired in Mandatory Technology are built upon and the course gives students practical skills for living and prepares them for senior study in the Hospitality field and HSC Food Technology.

In Stage 5, Textiles Technology students learn skills in the design of clothing, produce personal projects which also prepare them for Senior study and provide skills for life long interests. The Areas of Study include Design, Properties and Performance, Textiles and Society with projects focussing on apparel, furnishings, costumes, textile arts and non- apparel.

Topic assessment timetable and weighting for years 7-10 Technical and Applied Science subjects, including Industrial Arts, Elective Engineering, ICT and Graphic Design, Woodwork, Food Technology, Cafe at Home and Textiles & Design.

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